Our experience in manufacturing

We are metalworking company which specializes in manufacturing of steel pallets, frames, cages and stillages.


Bespoke pallets, frames and cages for industry

Bespoke constructions for industry is most part of our production. This production is used in automotive, aviation and raw material production companies. One of such projects involved the precision design and production of container for transport construction company, in which robot inserts the required parts.


Foldable pallets

We manufacture pallets with foldable walls. Side wall construction is available from steel sheet, perforated sheet and mesh. These constructions is also stackable on each other, which allow to save space in your warehouse.


Waste and tipping skips

We also producing containers for fabrication and/or industry waste. This kind of constructions available up to 2 m3. According requirements constructions can be made movable with forlklift or with crane. Tipping skips are two types – tipper forward and with opening bottom.


Long material stillages

These are frames for long profile material transportation and storage. Also used on conveyors. Frames are available in different modifications. Frames are stackable and don’t need special shelves to storage.


Other production

We are doing also small one-time orders. In this way, we have produced wheelpallets, frames for bundles, containers for wood and constructions for household needs.

In addition to our existing product range, Kontmet is open to new challenges that call for new products and increased manufacturing capabilities.