Kontmet Ltd. was founded in Gulbene, Latvia in 2012.

Our main field of business is metal manufacturing - the production of standard and custom steel and stainless steel constructions.  Depending on our clients’ needs, we offer a variety of surface treatments and products that come complete with the necessary mounting hardware and components made of other materials.

Our products are used in logistics centres, transport construction, aviation and various other types of industries. Solutions for overseas clients from 90-95% of our business, mostly for Norwegian, Belgian and Swedish markets.


We currently have 20 employees, including administration staff - a small, but cohesive, professional and effective workforce, guaranteeing a high quality service that is both friendly and professional.


Kontmet’s statement of purpose:


Kontmet’s aim is to work effectively to fulfil orders on time, to a high standard and for a competitive price.


Kontmet Ltd. is committed to offering a quality service, providing solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs.   We make every effort to fulfil each client’s requirements to a high standard, thus making our business relationships pleasant, professional and durable.


Kontmet’s vision is to develop the quality and effectiveness of our work so we become known as a business that offers the highest standards of service to its clients.

Our values:

  • Clients - the driving force of our business;

  • Employees - sharing their knowledge, experience and labour;

  • Quality - ensuring long-term success and development;

  • Loyalty – our success depends on mutual collaboration;

  • Environment – a value that is all around us. We take the utmost care in our work to ensure we have minimum impact on the environment.